Pocket Sized Game Changers

Sometimes complete and utter simplicity is just straight up satisfying. It takes up the space of a quarter in your pocket and is perfect for all situation. For all of your bottle opening desires, try the Titanium Bottle Opener. It'll be sure to set some caps flying and catch some compliments along the way.
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Easy to use

Attach to any keychain

Always at the ready

Minimal design

Ever wish your didn't have to riffle through your keys to find the right one? The Carbon Fiber Key Organizer was crafted to make the everyday experience of opening your doors and locks more efficient. If that wasn't enough, it also doubles as a bottle opener. Not to mention, no more keys jingling in your pocket!
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Fits 6+ keys

Eliminates pocket jingle

Quick access

minimal, lightweight carbonfiber


Nicky - 9 APR 2018

"My bag feels so organized now, it's incredible how fast and consistently I can get to each key!"

Andre - 15 OCT 2018

"The minimalist bottle opener definitely is a hit at parties."

Max - 18 JAN 2019

"The fact that my keys don't jingle and are in such a compact space makes me deeply happy every time I take out the key organizer."

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