"Productivity in the palm of your hand!"

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Everyone fidgets. Whether it's tapping your foot, clicking your pen, biting you nails or something else. Fidget spinners have recently dominated the market because it is seen as something that has great potential, but unfortunately most work more as a toy than something you can use professionally.

"It's a professional tool
to keep your hands busy
without looking like
you're playing with a toy"

About the ONO Roller

How often do find yourself impulsively reaching for your phone just to stay occupied? Alternately, pick up an ONO Roller to keep your hand and mind active instead of distracted! The rotating movement keeps your fingers, hand, and forearm in use at all times, helping to promote dexterity all while having fun.

Increases office productivity

Scratch resistant

Gracefully professional, subtle

Massages hands

Keeps your hands and mind active

Avoid impulsively picking up your phone

Original Design

ONO's patent pending design engages your entire hand in a continuous, effortless, and near thoughtless motion.

High Quality Material

Machined from the highest quality aluminum with extreme tolerance. Our goal is to optimize the smooth feeling within your hand when the device is used.

Backed By Science

Studies show that occupying your mind actually makes it easier to focus on tasks. The problem with fidget spinners is they are completely distracting. ONO is a one handed and subtle, perfect for an office environment so you can keep crushing it.


Nicole  -  2 APR 2018

"The ONO was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity on the subway this morning. Thank you!"

Thomas - 15 SEP 2018

"It really does help me focus, it's almost like it distracts me into being productive!"

Alexa - 15 JAN 2019

"After playing guitar it was very relaxing on my hand muscles, my bass player has made several attempts to steal it!"

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