The Original Swipe Wallet

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The quick access wallet with a hidden compartment. Uniquely designed to swipe through your cards, hold cash, and protect what needs protection. Veered Wallet™ is machined from aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and durable. The outer body is finished with a scratch resistant hard anodize to protect your wallet from keys and other objects.

About the Veered Wallet

Effortlessly swipe through your cards with the Veered Wallet. Swipe down to move from card to card, and then swipe up for the card you want to use. Cut down the profile of your wallet by making the leap to a metal wallet designed for maximum efficiency.

Lightweight and incredibly durable

Compartment for carrying essentials, fragile items

Slim design takes up less valuable pocket space

Removable money clip so for flexibility

Quick and easy chip payments

  1. Fits up to 6 cards (less if raised lettering)

Original Design

Patented design launched via Kickstarter. Swipe down past cards until you find the one you're looking for. Push up and out for easy chip acces, or to take out completely.

High Quality Material

Machined from aircraft grade aluminum, finished with bead blast polished type III hard anodized coating, which is often used in military grade equipment for its strength and scratch resistance qualities.

Total Pocket Upgrade

Easily store valuables in a compartment you know is safe. All while cutting down the size of your wallet and taking your organization to the next level


Franky  -  5 OCT 2018

"It's really grown on me, it's amazing how fast I can get to my ID at the door to the club."

Marcus - 12 NOV 2018

"My old wallet was so saggy and disorganized. I feel like this wallet is not only smaller, but it keeps me much more organized."

Jonnah  - 28 DEC 2018

"I originally got one for myself. After a couple friends kept insisting on trying mine out , it made a great holiday gift."

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